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Deloitte NSE Partner Experience, Milan 2022

This was a classic case of having Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and even a Plan D. Over 3,000 global partners invited to the first NSE Partner Experience since Covid-19, when a 24-hour air traffic control strike affecting over 360 flights and 4,000 passengers threatened, tested all those involved's resolve. The logistical planning and team work I was a small part of, was incredible. The Brands at Work (BAW) event team worked tirelessly reshuffling, adapting and accommodating our delegates, speakers and crew to ensure as many attend this high profile event.

Planes, trains and automobiles - whichever mode of transport was available was utilised and showed the commitment of all participants to meet up with their colleagues face-to-face for the first time since early March 2020.

Several venues in Milan's City Centre hosted various business meetings over a 2-day programme, culminating at the very beautiful Villa Erba in Lake Como. I was contracted as the Speaker Logistics Manager, dealing with over 100 internal and external/guest speakers' on-site logistics and working with the respective BAW Event Producers.

A highly successful event, with many heartfelt thank-you's from the BAW Project Lead, BAW Event Lead and client (Deloitte).

Message of thanks below from Richard Houston, Deloitte NSE CEO:


Just landed back in London and I have been reflecting on the last few days. It has been truly wonderful and very very memorable. We all know how difficult Partners can be to keep happy (!) – but the feedback has been incredible.

I know you had some unbelievable challenges do deal with - from Salone moving to the air traffic control strike – plus I’m sure there were countless others that I don’t know about. And yet you delivered a remarkable experience for our NSE Partners (and our international guests) that delivered so much – but also allowed them to reconnect with each other.

This was incredibly important to me as I start my next five years and I am so very grateful for what you have achieved.

Thank you – you should all be incredibly proud.


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