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Singapore, Istanbul, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Rome, Lisbon, Barcelona, Prague, Malta, Berlin (January 2008 to date)

January is SKO (Sales Kick Off) time and for 2018 we will be heading to Port Aventura, Spain for SITA's annual meeting. Senior Management invite over 350 of their global salesforce to join them at a different destination every year to communicate key industry messages.

I have been extremely privileged to work with SITA since 2007 with my previous UK company (BCD Meetings & Incentives) as the lead client contact and Event Producer. When moving to SA in 2012, I continued this relationship and joined Silk Productions Ltd. maintaining the existing production relationships. Together with Gary Smith (MD) and over 30 production crew we produce this event incorporating concept/theme, set & staging design/production, audio visual equipment, speaker management, breakout meetings, show calling, print/graphics design/production, presentation graphics, team building etc. Our highly skilled and talented 'family' of crew have successfully brought each year's theme to life, proudly ensured each year has been better than the last and have endless fun along the way...

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