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Belron (vehicle glass repair and replacement group) operates in 35 countries and held their four-day World Conference (BWC) for over 150 delegates in Cape Town. South African born CEO Gary Lubner maintains Belron's strong connection to our beautiful country and has held all previous BWC's in South Africa. Afrika Tikkun has been the beneficiary of their corporate social investment which has resulted in five state of the art youth development centres being built offering early learning, educational support, life skills and career guidance.

Contracted by Green Route Africa as the Event Producer my role was to oversee all production elements of the event. I was able to capitalize on my overseas working schedule to meet and engage with the Belron World Conference (BWC) team face to face, based at their Head Office in Egham, UK. I worked together with the Senior Leadership Team on the event theme, key messages and speaker content. I was also tasked to manage the Afrika Tikkun team-building element which resulted in all the delegates working with the children at the Mfuleni community centre in Cape Town to create a piece of art (The Big Picture) symbolising the relationship between Belron and the International NGO.

After months of preparation, delegates experienced the best that Cape Town could offer but preserving the company ethos of a good work/life balance. Some guests took part in the Argus Cycle Tour prior to the event and raised funds for Afrika Tikkun. Apart from the conference element held at The Lookout Venue, delegates enjoyed all kinds of activities during their stay such as morning yoga sessions, chaperoned walking/jogging/running/bicycle activities; skydiving, horse riding, paragliding, wine tasting, guided tours (Robben Island/City of Cape Town/Foodies on Foot) etc.

The Big Picture team-building exercise was very successful and each canvas was designed to be constructed and revealed as one masterpiece on the final awards dinner evening. Each artwork was couriered post event to Belron offices worldwide as a memento of the incredible week.

This was one of my most enjoyable and rewarding events whereby local suppliers/agencies and Belron collaborated to create an exceptionally professional, gratifying, mindful and energetic environment for all.

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